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Pros and Cons of Solar Panels


When youandrsquo;re looking for a more cost-effective and cleaner energy source for your home, solar panels can be a great option. These photovoltaic (PV) panels gather sunlight and turn it into electricity. Before deciding whether or not to make the switch to solar energy, consider the following advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Solar Energy

Solar energy provides several benefits, including:

  • Renewable energy source — The sun serves as a renewable energy source, unlike fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Since the sun is expected to be around for at least another 6.5 billion years, there are no worries about using up this energy source. The sun also provides more than enough energy to produce electricity.
  • Lower energy bills — Relying on solar panels for electricity can reduce homeownersandrsquo; energy bills considerably. In some cases, homeowners also have the option to sell any extra electricity their panels produce to their local utility company or receive credits for it that lower their monthly bills.
  • Low maintenance — Solar panels typically donandrsquo;t require much maintenance beyond cleaning them once or twice a year to remove dirt and debris. Theyandrsquo;re also designed to be durable and last for several years.

Cons of Solar Energy

Solar energy for residential use does have a few drawbacks, such as:

  • Inconsistent energy production — Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity. This means theyandrsquo;re unable to produce it when itandrsquo;s dark out, and they work at a lower efficiency on overcast or rainy days. They also work less efficiently in higher temperatures.
  • High upfront costs — Although solar energy saves homeowners money over time, these systems are expensive to install. Homeowners can lower these costs by taking advantage of incentives or rebates that are offered by the government and local utility companies and by looking into financing options.
  • Possible upgrades — Some homes need to have upgrades or reconfigurations done to accommodate solar panel installation, which increases the overall cost.

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