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HVAC Maintenance Contract: Is it Right for You?


Making sure that your HVAC system is in good shape can help it last longer and save you money on energy bills. This means having regular maintenance done on it to lower the risk of needing repairs and to reduce wear and tear on the systemandrsquo;s components. Should you perform these tasks yourself or look into HVAC maintenance contracts? Take the following into consideration when making your decision.


These contracts vary in price based on what is included. Some contracts only cover basic tasks, such as tune-ups, while others include emergency services and other perks. Depending on your budget and the age of your system, you might want to go with a contract that at least covers tune-ups to keep your system running efficiently. If you have an older system that you donandrsquo;t plan on replacing yet, a contract that also includes repairs can save you more money.

Peace of Mind

HVAC maintenance contracts provide homeowners with peace of mind. With routine maintenance done by a professional HVAC technician, youandrsquo;ll know that your system is in good hands. Technicians can detect early signs of problems, which saves you from needing to have expensive repairs done. You can also rest assured that your system will be ready to handle your homeandrsquo;s heating and cooling needs as efficiently as possible. Contracts also give you peace of mind if youandrsquo;re not comfortable handling HVAC maintenance tasks yourself. Instead, you can rely on professional HVAC services for these tasks.

Manufacturer Warranties

If you have an HVAC system that is still under warranty, you might not need a maintenance contract that includes repairs. Check your warranty to see if repairs are still covered and for how long. You should also check the terms of your warranty, since some require you to have maintenance done on your system as part of your coverage.

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